Content design is part of the wider field of user experience design. Its focus falls on the needs of the users, analysing their behaviour and the relevant data to best present the information — at the right time, place and form. While its main visual representation is the written word, there’s much more to that. Above all “content design is a way of thinking”, as Sarah Richards, leader of this discipline in the UK, once wrote. It’s both your users’ way of thinking in combination with your own as a content designer.

Тhis made me realise that I often catch…

Photo by Joey Graham,

I write this article as a reminder to my future self and as a reminder to anyone in the vast freelance world who writes for a living.

Freelance is a great opportunity to meet not-so-great people. But when you do, you still have to act professionally. Perhaps these people come in your work life for a reason — to teach you things you thought you already know. Crafting copy for their business might be a cumbersome process, a bit discouraging and could cost a lot of emotional investment.

Here, I will share some pieces of advice on how to handle…

Krafwerk concert, Sofia, Bulgaria. Photo credits: Boris Kirov

“Calling all cars, calling all cars… We’re on the lookout for a […] male between 4’7 and 6’8, and ‘tween 120–180 pounds. He’s wearing Nikes! … Get this man!”

I’ve always been a fan of stand up comedies. The other day I was watching one of Dave Chappelle’s where he made this joke on generalisation quoted above. I caught myself laughing but it wasn’t until а few days later, when I received a brief, and the joke turned out true. Before reading all the information about the product, I wanted to see what’s in for the users and who were…

Kaliya Aneva

Words create worlds. I go by many names — Copywriter, UX writer, Content Designer.

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